How a Clay Bar Helps You with Vehicle Detailing Work

East Park Autoplex believes that it is important for vehicle owners to know just how to clean their cars and get them in top shape. We want you to understand how a clay bar can help you with the detailing work that you are completing.

Clay helps to trap contaminants that are on the surface of your vehicle, clearing those particles away without damaging the vehicle. You should start the detailing process by washing and drying the vehicle and then use a fine grade clay bar and a special lubricant. Glide the clay over the vehicle to give it a good cleaning.

We want you to take care of your vehicle so that it can stay in good shape for a long time. If you have service issues that need to be addressed, you can trust our team here in Searcy, AR. We will offer you all of the help that will allow you to keep your vehicle driving well. Schedule your appointment today.

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