How to Easily Jump Start Another Car

If you are ever in need of a jump-start, here is the correct procedure for attaching those jumper cables to both cars.

  • Be sure you move the two cars close enough so that the battery compartments are next to one another.
  • Turn the car engine off, place both cars in park, then identify the positive and negative terminals on each battery.
  • Plus, will be positive, and slightly wider than the negative, or minus, terminals.
  • The red jumper cable is attached to the positive side of the car to be jumped first, then the positive end of the charged battery.
  • Now attach the black jumper cable to negative side of good battery, then the last black jumper cable is placed on a bracket or metal surface.
  • Start the cars, remove cables in reverse sequence

If you need to have your vehicle jump-started, bring it to our service center here at Searcy Auto Group so we can follow-up with a battery maintenance check or replacement.

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